Summer Book Clubs for Kids

So happy to announce our Summer Book Club picks for kids!  Here’s how it works: pick the book that’s appropriate for your child.  I have set an age range for each book, but you can join in on whichever book looks good, depending on your child.  Call or message the shop to order the book you want.  Your child has almost all summer to read it!  I know that with camps, classes and vacation, summer gets busy, so we’re going to keep it simple!  The first week of August, before school starts, the different aged clubs will meet at the shop to discuss the book.


Here’s a brief description of each book and the schedule for meeting:

Ages 5-8  Toys Go Out  This is the adventure of a knowledgeable stingray, a tough little buffalo and someone called plastic.  This is a funny and completely irresistible  modern classic that reveals the friendship of three brave and loving toys.

Ages 8-12  A Wish in the Dark    A boy on the run.  A girl determined to find him.  A compelling story set in a Thai-inspired fantasy world, this is a twist on Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.   It’s a dazzling, fast-paced adventure, encouraging children to shine a light in the dark.

Ages 13-17 Bravely   One princess.  Two gods.  Three voyages.  Four seasons to save Dunbroch, or see it destroyed forever.  This is a continuation of the story of Merida, the fiery princess in the Disney/Pixar movie, Brave.


We’ll meet at the shop from 7-8 pm on

Tuesday, August 2 for Toys Go Out

Wednesday, August 3 for A Wish in the Dark

Thursday, August 4 for Bravely

Call or message Amber at the shop with any questions!   530.410.4596



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